Where Did the Money Go?

Our integrated practice areas include forensic accounting and investigation professionals who combine accounting, auditing, and investigative analysis to track money and assets through complex financial records. This includes detecting discrepancies and anomalies that may reveal fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation or other relevant facts and isolated incidents that may affect the value of a business.

Our forensic accountants have extensive experience:

  • Identifying, retrieving, normalizing, and analyzing large, diverse, and complex data sets
  • Synthesizing unlimited amounts of structured and unstructured data
  • Using advanced technology to pinpoint unexpected patterns and inconsistencies in large, diverse, and complex financial data sets that may affect the value of a business.

Asset Tracing

Asset Tracing Services

The members of our Forensic Investigation team understand and assess quantitative and qualitative evidence to identify trends, relationships, unexpected patterns, inconsistencies, and help uncover financial improprieties and accounting discrepancies through:

  • Asset Tracing

  • Sources & Uses of Funds Analysis

  • Record Reconstruction

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Mining

  • Computer & Cell Phone Examinations

At FLVS Consultancy, our professionals boast extensive experience handling large, diverse, and frequently incomplete datasets encompassing financial, operational, and transactional information. This wealth of experience equips us to conduct thorough analyses, meticulously mining for specific transactions and uncovering patterns indicative of wrongful activity.

Moreover, our team has a proven track record in identifying and collecting unstructured data and other forms of evidence, further enhancing our ability to uncover critical insights and support our clients’ objectives. Whether it’s navigating complex financial records or deciphering intricate operational data, we have the expertise and resources to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. Trust FLVS Consultancy to harness the power of data and drive actionable insights in support of your endeavors.

Our utilization of proven best practices and technologies allows us to reconstruct and analyze financial statements, tax returns, banking, and other investment records efficiently and cost-effectively.

The members of our Forensic Technology team have the knowledge and experience to efficiently identify and collect relevant and responsive data across enterprise-wide systems and repositories including proprietary or outsourced third-party systems.

Our computer forensic examiners provide computer and cell phone examinations using forensically sound methods to recover and preserve key digital evidence, whether that evidence was intentionally deleted or manipulated. We follow industry best practices and forensic protocols to confirm facts and eliminate false assumptions. Our customized investigation solutions include evidence and data collection, data preservation, forensic data analysis and expert testimony and reporting.

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