Marital and Business Divorce Valuation Services

Unraveling the Challenges of Business Valuation in Marital and Business Divorce Cases

In the realm of business appraisals for divorce proceedings, it’s crucial for valuation experts to collaborate closely with the engaging attorney. This collaboration ensures alignment with specific state statutes and case law, particularly in identifying and defining the state’s prescribed standard of value for marital and business dissolution valuations, whether it’s the fair market value standard or a statutory-defined standard like fair value.

Failure to adhere to these legal nuances could lead to adverse consequences, such as the judge disregarding or excluding the valuation. For instance, the inclusion or exclusion of discounts for lack of control and/or lack of marketability hinges on state statutes and case law.

Marital and Business Divorce Solutions

At FVLS Consultancy, our Litigated Business Valuation group offers expertise in marital and business divorce consulting services. We support litigants, attorneys, and triers of fact by expertly valuing businesses and reporting our findings during divorce proceedings.

We provide strategic guidance and assistance in the discovery phase, optimizing your approach to gathering essential information.
In response to opposing expert reports, we provide compelling rebuttals to defend your position.
Our experienced professionals deliver clear and compelling testimony to support your case.

At FLVS Consultancy, our Litigated Business Valuation division offers extensive expertise in marital divorce consulting services. With a demonstrated track record, we support litigants, attorneys, and triers of fact by expertly identifying, valuing, and categorizing businesses during divorce proceedings. Our commitment to excellence ensures clients receive strategic guidance and informed solutions tailored to their specific needs, facilitating favorable outcomes in complex divorce cases.

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